Karma Theory is Bane or a Boon? -1

Contributed by M K Subramanian

We have dealt so elaborately on ‘Karma Theory’ but prescribed no Action Plan for an individual. Theory only deals with hypothesis, analysis and conclusions. We have reasonably established that Karma theory is not a mere superstition but has scientific validity. But we have not advocated any method to ward off its adverse effect. Reason is simple. We cannot do it. That’s because everyone is unique. Every individual has to decide what suits best for each one. To quote Alexander Pope:
“Know then thyself and wait not for God to scan,
For proper study of mankind is Man”

Earlier, readers may have noticed a slant in the argument in favour of people who wished deliverance from the shackles of past Karma. That’s true. That was deliberate. Often Karma theory is blamed for all wrong reasons. Hinduism is criticised for giving birth to this theory and many believe ‘Karma’ is a bane and not a boon! On the contrary, Karma Theory actually opens many windows of opportunity to escape! Let’s see.
A mere wish to exercise ‘Free will’ will not suffice. Attitudinal change and matching effort to overcome the impediments would be necessary to get rid of past burden of ‘Karma’. An aspirant of ‘Free Will’ must be inspired by a certain goal but must also go through a strenuous process (Karma). The Second Law of Motion signifies the path and Third Law emphasises the importance of attaining Critical Mass. Patience and Determination are essential. Getting exhausted or shattered mid way will only bring about frustration. Such a person will be back to square One – First Law of Motion. He will have to succumb to ‘Fate’! So this path is not suitable for all. Let’s illustrate with an example of a person who had tread this difficult path…

[This great man who was responsible for abolishing slavery in the U.S. without breaking of the Union had waged many a war in personal life. Dale Carnegie in his book ‘Lincoln the Unknown’ says…”The great tragedy of Lincoln’s life was not his assassination, but his marriage.” Elsewhere in the book it is said, ’If Lincoln had married Ann Rutledge, in all probability he would have been happy, but he would not have been President. He was slow in thought and movement, and she was not the type that would have driven him to achieve political distinction. But Mary Todd, obsessed with an undying determination to live in the white house, was no sooner married to Lincoln … she had him out running for… nomination for Congress.” Now was it ‘Fate’ or ‘Destiny’? You want an Indian example? Read the biography of President Abdul Kalam!
This is a series of Articles on Hindu karma Theory by M K Subramanian. Refer [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][UR Here]


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kennetharmyprivate
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 15:28:11

    Karma is real its as simple as that, because I see it in action most days of the week.


  2. kennetharmyprivate
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 19:17:59

    Often people will know when it is their karma, but then it may be difficult to seperate karma from other things such as illness and accident, but then one only needs to look at themselves and how they treat other people, good or badly. and why.


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