What is Avidya or Null point in brain

This is an adjunct to My Philosophy…My Quest

In the previous posting we saw Saibabha’s advice to go in search of Avidya. What exactly is avidya. Let us understand how human brain works. In general we are deemed to be more intelligent than animals. How is that, let us see. In the above picture if a man sneaks to a dog the dog will bark even if the person is known to it. Where as if a man just approaches the dog walking straight the dog will wag its tail. Any number of times the situation is repeated the rection will remain same; Until either of them tires out. But if it is a man somewhere down the line the brain will declare the situation as abnormal and create a null point in the brain. Null point is a situation which is not defined and brain cannot process the data in the null point. This is called Avidya. We saw in posting ‘God is Null’ how it compares with Computer programming.
This is explained by Immanual Kant as ‘apriori’. Apriori means a data that is stored in our brain which is used for understanding the situation. When situation cannot be explained by apriori the software in our brain crashes and null point is created. One example of crashing apriori is death. Brain cannot understand death and death of near and dear one will crash our brain especially if it is unexpected. Brain actually undergoes trauma.

The Brain will immediately try to fill the null point with data and sometimes absurd explanations will be given as fact or cause etc. How we handle our Brain null points will determine our intelligence. Many scientists are called genius as they perceive null points and handle it with logic. apple falling on NewtonEverybody knows apple will fall from the tree. It never was a null point but once it raised curiosity of Newton the data started flowing into his brain and gravitational Theory was born. Same thing happened to Archimedes. When he sat in a bath tub the entire volume weight upthurst principles flowed into his brain and as the story goes it was so thrilling that Archimedes ran naked shouting Eureka. Another such case is of that of benzene. Benzene was found to be a stable compound. But its structure was not easily defined, as in any way it was written, there were unsaturated elements. Friedrich august kekulé a German scientist who was studying this was in deep thought and just when he was getting into a bus the ring shaped formation was conceived and he knew the problem was solved. As the story goes this happened when he was just getting into the bus and had tough time balancing himself else he would have fallen. So once the Null point is created in the brain the answerers will flow to you from various sources. There can be many stories including Buddha under bodha tree. More to follow….


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