Kumbhakarna or Vibhishana ?

This is in reply to the mail comments on character of vibhishana Kumbhakarna by M K Subramanian

“There is nothing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but thinking makes it so” – Shakespeare

From worldly point of view there is much to appreciate Kumbakerna but not from ‘spiritual pursuit’ point of view.

[What I like about Ramayana is that it has depicted 4 distinct types of brotherhood in characterization of Lakshmana, Bharata, Kumbakarna and Vibhishana. Each one is praise worthy from different points. It will take at least 2 hours to talk about them!]

Kumbakarna makes a choice in favour of mundane attachment and gives up on lasting relationship with God(liness) and Everlasting Bliss. So spiritually wrong.

You have used the word ‘Dharma’. so here are some additional points:
What Kumbakarna did was appropriate ‘Saamanya’ Dharma. what Vibhishana did was the right ‘Praadhanya’ Dharma’
‘Obey your father’ can be a good ‘Saamanya’ Dharma but Prahlada is admired for his disobedience because he followed “Praadhanya’ Dharma.
When Hiranya kashipu claimed ‘I am God’ the Lord took an avatar to kill him.But when Aadi Shankara said “I am God’ (Aham Brahmasmi) he is worshipped as Jagat Guru!
So ‘Dharma’ is not a mere word. Context and application of the codes must be discreetly discussed in the light of ‘Nyaya Shastra’ which forms a part of Vedanga!


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