Here is a prayer to God as only God can save the situation.
No man can help us in this regard
Join me in my prayers
“True” Bhakta Venkatakrishna

Everything today is for money’s sake;
No morals values left here for us to take.
Eats his and also wants others’ cake,
Love and affection today are all fake

oh lord! look at the peoples’ greed
Cutting across all caste and creed.
Even those from supposedly good breed
Genuinely don’t do a good deed

Value systems gone over the roof;
Get the right values ,only if there is a Goof.
For making wrong things right you can get easy proof;
Pay money and wrong becomes aloof.

Money!,Money! Money! is no more a rich man’s word,
Neither is it only in a rich man’s world.
All you have to do is to decide to make;
Money is around aplenty for everyone to take

People treat money like God;
Adore it ,worship it and to get it commit fraud.
True Spirituality and Goodness given a downward prod
ALAS!! Today, telling the Truth looks very odd.

People with money are considered BIG
True Knowledge and wisdom are given a DIG
Money everywhere, is the only talk of the TOWN
True Knowledge and wisdom given a disdain FROWN.

No doubt, God wanted people to make wealth
To live happily with good virtues and health
But mankind has chosen the path of corruption and stealth
To become stinking rich, with money around as filth

Today where is the respect for FUND OF TRUE KNOWLEDGE?
Today there is respect only for KNOWLEDGE OF UNTRUE FUNDS.
Oh God! please help mankind before it is too late
Rectify the situation and ameliorate all our fate!


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