Gaddafi Killed by TeMe

What happened in Egypt and Libya is highly condemnable. But what exactly happened? Some academicians have applauded this as leaderless revolution. Lederless means directionless. Directionless is anarchism. Just change without knowing – to what. Egypt is already ruing. Libya is yet to follow. After some period of this anarchism another despot will find his way. Killers of Gaddafi cannot rule Libya peacefully. When India fought for freedom, Gandhi used non violent methods. Its hallmark was whenever the mob turned towards violence Gandhiji used to withdraw from fight. After 60 years of independence it is clear to see that the adjacent countries who got freedom are suffering from bouts of violence with nobody to control. Yes there is violence in parts of India also, as Naxalites, but it is again at the discretion of tolerant ruling party. The independent Judiciary also keeps a watching eye.
Another feature that needs to be noted is when Gandhi launched fight for independence there was only one media Newspaper through which he could access people and that again was under Govt control. But in the case of Gaddafi he had to face a hugely advanced technology which was not under his control. They are Foreign TV. SMS, Facebook, Blogs etc. None of this was under his control. So it was TeMe that killed Gaddafi. What is TeMe?

TeMe To understand TeMe we should know Meme (see also). Meme is Brain virus which we call idea. This is an independent Replicator and spreads exactly (or mostly) like Gene. It is the idea of Independence that Gandhi was spreading to the people of India and it took almost 30 years to fructify. But with modern technology both good and bad ideas can be spread fast. through above media. These media are called technical. And memes spread through Technology are called TeMe.These are as shown dangerous and societies collapse without any support and cause immense suffering especially to the poor who are living from hand to mouth.
Now look at the pictures below both are not from Libyan war. One is from mad max film and other from Libya. Leave it to you to find which is which.


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