Gokhale……Vibhishana…..गद्दार ?

I Recd. a letter saying Vibhishana is ‘gaddhar’ meaning traitor or deserter. There is a North India, South India divide on this opinion. Many in N India think Vibhishana is an apostate. He not only walked away from Ravana but also helped Rama’s army in many crucial moments; whereas in S India he is considered as Rama Bhaktha and apostle of Dvaitha Philosophy. Rt.Hon. Srinivasa Sastry has full 3 Hrs. lecturing on this aspect. He starts off with an incident when Gokhale thought that severance of relations with British will prove to be a harmful and went to lecture on the same. This was looked down upon, by many and the headlines said “Exit Vibhishana” insinuating Gokhale as deserter. Sastry points out that Patriotism is an emotional reaction. And emotion may not guide you to right decision. A mother who is supposed to take care of children during poverty may decide to suicide and will kill her children before she kills herself. He also says that Vibhishana valued Dharma and hence went to the side of Rama also says it is wrong to be neutral when there is fight between Dharma and Adharma.
But we have already seen(Refer) that at no time in Valmiki Ramayana does Vibhishana talk of Adharma by his brother and is actually playing a stool pigeon. Why?
Let us see another sloka in Manusmriti which says that
7.213 आपदर्थं धनं रक्षेद् दारान रक्षेद धनैर् अपि आत्मानं सततं रक्षेद् दारैर् अपि धनैर् अपि
7.213. For times of need let him preserve his wealth; at the expense of his wealth let him preserve his wife; let him at all events preserve himself even by (giving up) his wife and his wealth.
7.212 कसेम्यां सस्यप्रदां नित्यं पशुवृध्दिकरीम् अपि परित्यजेन नृपो भूमिम् आत्मर्तम् अविचारयन्
212. Let the king, without hesitation, quit for his own sake even a country (which is) salubrious, fertile, and causing an increase of cattle

Thus Manusmriti authorizes nay even commands Kings to be selfish and protect themselves above others.
The best example that can be given was when Humayun lost war he was in hiding with Akbar and in time Akbar not only regained the country but also became one of the most renowned amongst emperors.


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