Nilekani………. Next Primeminister!?

In 1970s there was discussion whether we have chosen the wrong model of Britishers for governing India. Things were moving very slowly and it was thought that US model of executive president will fit better. But there was problem. The M K Gandhi led Congress which got us freedom was able to get only 48% votes in the first election. Even then the media was way off the mark and used to claim ‘Even Lampost will will vin if stood on Congress ticket’. In such situation if Presisential election was conducted the entire opposition could gang up and get non congress man elected as President and pose problem for congress.
This was solved after Rajiv’s death by getting Manmohan sigh a Reserve bank governer with wide executive experience as PM eleceted and brought through Rajya Sabhe.
But he is 80 Now. The work demads 18 hrs of hard work ( Thankless). So now who will take over. Sonia No Chance. Rahul? Why should he? he has the power with no responsibility.
Let us see. A non politician with 0 public strength and with executive experience and of course who should work silently.
Yes it is Nandan Nilekani who is being groomed.


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