Why Cricket Why not Football?

This is a significant aspect of Indian’s mentality. Look at this game of Cricket.
1. Batsman hits the ball and runs. The runner also runs. If the run is completed then credit goes to batsman. More


Padapuja to Bridegroom

In Marriage one sight that confuses many is to see Brides father doing padapuja to Bridegroom.
Everyone asks why this old man should do padapuja for such a young one. This is very much disagreeable action which is detested especially by modern young people.
But this opinion is due to lack of knowledge about our ancient traditions. More

Is Quality Un-Godly?

More than 2000 years ago people used to believe God is everything. God brings Draught, God brings flood, God brings Small pox etc. But slowly people started doubting this and enquiring minds started probing. Some simple questions like how the milk turns into curd. Does it have a watch. How does it know the time etc. was asked and enquiry started. More

Male Chauvinism not in Hindu Marriage

Many think the marriage functions of especially Brahmin’s as long drawn out and tedious.Also it is lots of mumbojumbo which is not relevant today. Surprise. See the sloka and their meaning and then form an opinion. More

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