Politics Topics List

India did this country ever exist? : By western standards there never more
Plato’s Cave Allegory : Valid to us even after 2400 Years. Stunning…!!!! more
Pakistan or Khakistan?: What ails Pakistan: Many in India are surprised more
What is Cultural Island? : Island is a place surrounded by barrier more
Hinduism when under attack: Hinduism has undergone change more
Gokhale……Vibhishana…..गद्दार ?Manusmriti authorizes nay even commands Kings to be selfish more
Anecdotes from KalidasaCompiled by M H Gopalakrishnanmore

Opposition in India : The lack of opposition party in India is a big wonder more
The Great Ratan: Stupid Tata. more
China Growth: This site rues about India’s slow growth more
Subramanian Swamy Spam mails: Accusing is very easy. more
Hue and cry about Raja : So Raja is on the clear. more
WikiPour? Cats and Dogs : Yes not Leaking, but Pouring. more
Inflation vs Growth: Economic times talk about Inflation independent…more
Indian Middle class – Troglodytes (Idiots): One thing is revealed, Indian middle class are just Troglodytes more
0 Corruption …… 0 Wealth!!: History has proved Envy is more destructive than Greed more
0 Hazare ……a Stage managed show!: History has proved Envy is more destructive than Greed more
Ethics in Bin-Laden’s and Vali’s Death a similar ethical problem on the platter – that is Bin Laden’s death.more
MF Husain (Pain)tings..one of the greatest artist and richly rewarded and awarded more
It is out now……… King is Naked!!You don’t need to be an economist to understand what happened.more
BJP_RSS as Vikram and VetalAfter that if anybody opens his mouth he will have to hang like Vetalmore
Killing of Awlaki…..Mora(law)lity?!!A we are not individuals so no individual rights.more
Gaddafi Killed by TeMeOne is from mad max film and other from Libya. more


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