Brothers in Dissonance

The characters of Sugriva and Vali needs to be studied in detail to understand Rama’s behavior towards Vali. When Kabandha describes Sugriva it is full of praise.
The words he uses are Your mission to find Seetha is impossible if you do not befriend Sugriva [3-72-10]; More


Kausalya the Miser

Valmiki goes to extreme extend of charactering a person. Sometimes just 1 word is only available to show ones character. Unless one is hyper alert it will be missed.Kausalya being a miser is one such. Manthara when she sees the people of Ayodya in jubilant mood asks a house maid what is happening and why Kausalya the miser is doing lavish charity More

Outsmarting Valmiki?

Many Upanyasakars (Preachers) try to make the story more Valuable by adding from outside Valmiki Ramayana. The Listener’s are not much worried as they enjoy it any way without application of mind. It is also not good manners to criticize the Preacher by finding faults. As In Bhakthi Marga (Cult) all are acceptable under one word of devotion. More

Casteism in Ramayana

Following article is from
Essay series by Sri.Bannanje Govindacharya
This part of the story is from Uttarakanda. Hence not under the preview of Valmiki Ramayana. The only reason this has been added here is that blogger is acquiescent with this form of discussion and logic.
A lot of intellectuals are mad at Valmiki. This is their complaint: A story where a Brahmin boy is saved by killing a shudra doing penance!? More

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