Introduction to Ramayana

This page discusses Valmiki Ramayana and its relevance to todays world. The sloka numbers will be referred as XX-YY-ZZZ (meaning XX as Kandam N0 example 2 will refer to Ayodya Kandam 1 will refer to Balakandam similarly YY will refer to Adyayam in the referred Kandam and ZZ will refer to the slokam No example 2-50-44 will refer to Ayodya Kandam 50th. Adyayam and 44th. Slokam)
The first to four chapters are not included for discussion as these seems to have been added as prologue later. The sloka 1-5-6 says aseedh Ayodya which means the city Ayodya used to exist (Past perfect). If these slokas and some slokas in Yudha kanda are eliminated then there is no divine intervention and Ramayana turns out to be beautiful story of a man which teaches us many things even in today’s world.

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All Sloka Translations are from the site Valmiki Ramayana


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