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Ravan or Rama

I read almost all the comments here… And what comes up here is that why Vali was given heaven post death?

Why Ravan’s Son and brother are burnt along with them year after year?

Why Bheeshm Pitamah or Dhronacharaya are not burnt for supporting Koravas and agreeing to making draupadi an item for betting?

Frankly I read about Vali just here…..why heaven and not some severe punishment like death if he touches women or death if he touches women whom he molested? Or an abhishap of some Kama dosha!!! No one can say anything about it…

May be post heaven in his next birth he got that….or may be Lord Rama faced some hardships because he was too soft on Vali…do we know everything? So why debate on this point?

Ravan is extremely dharmic, devoted, melodious person and Lord Shiva’s greatest Bhakt.
But he went on path of Adharma… What Ramayan teaches us is that Valmiki a bandit can reach to Lord and write about future even after so many sins…but a dharmic person even after doing so many Tappas and yagnya can meet a bitter end due to path of Adharma.

Kidnapping Sita was an excuse, Sita was daughter of Ravan. Noway Valmiki could write about molesting his daughter… Ravana Adharma with respect to other women had increased so much…that Sita was introduced in plot for Rama to justify his actions.

If Sita was never kidnapped and Lord Rama attacked Ravana just for dharma then whole world would be saying why mess in other countries business. Lord Rama was just a King…like Ravana was one.

And there is no shouting that Asuras are bad, Sita was an asur and dev married her.
Similarly Indra was a dev but raped ahilya, also Lord Krishna was dev but raped Tulsi wife of Jalandar. So assuming Dev s as always following dharma is really not good in understanding of our Religion. Devs as well as ASuras had their weaknesses.

Why Kumbakaran and Meghnath are burnt is because they followed their duty towards king and family rather than their duty towards Truth and Lord. Burning them is not necessary but by burning them a message given to humans is that whether u urself do Adharma, or are part of it someway u are considered responsible.

Like in dowry or bribery… If u give or take or see but hide or listen but hide then u are given some punishment by courts.

Now what happens to so many soldiers who kill, burn, die for a country or a leader who is not right? There we say they are mere soldiers they need to follow orders. If same logic is applied both brother and son did their duty…so they were right…but they did their duty and forgot about our higher duties.

I feel that is logic for burning them…this whole thing is so complicated…comparing to Mahabharata it gets more complicated. Ideally dritrashtra was elder son but blind…he could still be king. Only if younger brother would have helped him throughout.
Basically Mahabharata is anti physically challenged…if we want we can twist like this…

Dhronacharaya took thumb of eklavya… An immoral act…
Except the molestation of draupadi and returning kingdom after some years nothing else actually supports Pandavas. And world where women are not respected is devoid of love, truth, wealth and mind. To preserve that Krishna with help of his tactics tried to do his best.

These books are for us to understand that dharma towards lord is highest…but what if Lird tells u to kill someone? Lord gave u brain also…I think he/she wants us to use that.
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