Sugriva the underrated Character (4)

300I have been busy with a project for ( Now) more than an year. The last posting was on Underestimated Sugreeva. There were many letters post that. Especially from women. Many of them did not relish Sugreeva being honored. This is mainly because of his sexepades. The Hinduism does not prohibit sex or for that matter alcoholic drinks or non vegetarian food. The single sloka in manusmriti should be enough to justify this.
7.180 5.56 न मांसभक्षणे दोषा न मद्ये न च मौथुने | प्रवृर्ति्र एषा भूतानां निवृत्तिस् तु महाफ़ला
5.56. There is no sin in eating meat, in (drinking) spirituous liquor, and in carnal intercourse, for that is the natural way of created beings, but abstention brings great rewards.

I had already written in another posting how Hinduism morphs to withstand attack from another religion. It is Christianity which has fuzzy ideas about sex. Christ’s mother is a virgin and all preachers have to abstain form sex etc. Many such ideas were incorporated in our religion to stone wall against conversions. See the word in manusmriti प्रवृर्ति्र =natural.
Hinduism is a vibrant religion which understand nature and guides us to achieve salvation through knowledge not through blind beliefs.
If Bharata himself in Yudha kanada calls Sugreeva as his brother what more certificate is required

अथाब्रवीद्राजपुत्रः सुग्रीवं वानरर्षभम् || ६-१२७-४४
परिष्वज्य महातेजा भरतो धर्मिणां वरः |
त्वमस्माकं चतुर्णां वैभ्राता सुग्रीव पञ्चमः || ६-१२७-४५
Thereupon, the immensely brilliant Bharata, the son of Dasaratha and the foremost among the virtuous, after embracing Sugreeva the excellent monkey, spoke to him (as follows):”You are a fifth brother, for all the four of us, O Sugreeva! A friend is born of affection, while malifience is the attribute of an adversary.



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