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General ( All Kandas):

Relevance of Manusmriti in modern world and link to Ramayana more
Approach (Ramayana) with Respect : There are two types of people who access Ramayana more
Ramayana vs Mahabharata : Both Ramayana and Mahabharata are great work of art in itself more
Ramayana Novel? : Will be surprised as to how Ramayana is written more
Play, Drama and Epic.: In theater parlance, there is the Play, the Drama and the Epic.more
Dharma vs Faith (Duty or Faith) : …stories which create situations where justice is in crisis. more
Dharma Damned in Ramayana?: Characters in Ramayana deride Dharma as a useless tool more
Casteism in Ramayana : A story where a Brahmin boy is saved by killing a shudra.more
Bala Kanda:
Bala kanda Reviewed………by MKS?These are some thoughts. There are many more.more
Karma theory…… case study(2)…Vishwamitra being born as a Kshatriya was result of “Fate”. Attaining Brahminhood was ‘Destiny’ more
Rama Encounter 1 (Tataka) : First fight that Rama encounters is with Tataka. more
Ayodya Kanda:          

Rama’s Character : Much confusions are created without understanding Rama’s Character more
Best Sloka in Ramayana : Once Vikramaditya asked which is the best sloka in Ramayana more
Kausalya the Miser : Why Kausalya the miser is doing lavish charity more
यदृच्छया= अकस्मात, எதேச்சையா perchance, Valmiki is a good writer he also adopts twists in the story like modern times more
Rama misjudges …..(1)This shows he had no inclination of the forebodings more
Rama Misjudges (2)This action of Rama misjudging the Brahmin’s strength more
Kausalya’s Ranting: I would have been better off without a son like you more
Rama Crying (2)…….. of Shock?? Soothing with kind words to Sita, when eyes were blemished with tears more
Rama Crying (3)……..Humane to his enemies. Rama was not only Human but a Virtuous, and humane person more
Rama Cries (4) Sensitive to others But…… He feels the Myna in Kausalya’s house is more affectionate to Kausalya. more
Karma theory…… case study(1)…Ramayana Tolstoy titled a similar story…”God sees the truth, but waits…”more
Rama misjudges (3)……. and corrected He says property obtained by killing relatives is like poisoned food more
Kaikeyi A Nepali or Afghan?: Hindu kings used to marry from Eastern Afghanistan more
Ruler’s Laws ……advice/querry???rules are still valid to Rule this country….. more
Aranya Kanda:          

Kindness to Animals : The sloka 2-52-102 killed 4 animals for sport has been objected more
Rama a Vegetarian Faddist? he tells his mother Kausalya that he will desist from meat more
Husband’s Goals….Wife’s Roles (Panchakanya-4) Seetha is reviewing Rama’s perception of his Dharma. more
Misjudges (5)…. in Fun!! Everything that happens later makes Rama only cry and it is Shurpanaka who has the last laugh. more
Seetha Defiled:Justify Rama by tainting others character more
Misjudge (4)……..Disastrous This is disastrous misjudgment by any standards. more
Faith in ……… Bad omen!!!observing those highly forbidding foretokens Rama returned more
Financial Wizard Rama Ensnared? : Did he make a right decision financially? more
Ravana ……………..goes to garage!!The word used is (यान शालाम् )more
Kishkinda Kanda:          

Vali Vadh : Vali Vadh Topics List more
Rama Crying (1)……सुग्रीवम् शरणम्The pathetic appeal is made with tears falling from his eyesmore
Tara(Panchakanya) Ideal wife…….Love(1)No father will propose bride to adventurersmore
Tara(Panchakanya) Ideal wife…….Diplomacy(2)…..she has to stand by him supporting in his missionsmore
Husband’s Goals….Wife’s Roles (Panchakanya-3) Tara and Mandodari interfering in their husbands actions. more
Ravana & Vali …Evil forces??!! God made Satan and Satan started causing damage more
Sundara Kanda:          

Husband’s Goals….Wife’s Roles (Panchakanya-3) Tara and Mandodari interfering in their husbands actions. more
Outsmarting Valmiki? :Preachers are pulling down the quality of story by not understanding ? more
Is Hanumam Lying? : The slokas 5-35-50 and 51 are very controversial more
Sandal wood color ……….Red : In Ramayana sandal wood color is shown as red more
Yudha Kanda:          

Gokhale……Vibhishana…..गद्दार ?Manusmriti authorizes nay even commands Kings to be selfish more
Duty of God or …..King?? is quoted to say that we have to reach to god before he helps us. more
Vandalism by ……..God? he is not supposed to play a role which we approve of, but what is demanded of him more
Nothing Succeeds Like Dharma :Dharma wins and it is rewarding to follow Dharma more
Ravana & Vali …Evil forces??!! God made Satan and Satan started causing damage more

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32 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shafeeque om
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 13:57:05

    Nice site With rich contents


  2. Venkatakrishnan M
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 03:39:42

    Dear Shri Hariharan Ji, Many salutations to you. I am amazed and pleased at the devotion, sincerity and hardwork put in by you and your team in bringing out such a beautiful website. I am very thankful to you. You will definitely be blessed by Lord Rama. My prayers for your wellbeing and success to each one of you in all your endeavours.

    Thank you very much
    With kind regards


    • mghariharan
      Jun 07, 2011 @ 20:39:45

      Thanks for your best wishes. Nothing works like encouragment. Keep reading and also ask questions when not satsfied. Many people are questioning me and this site is the reasult of that.


  3. Rajagopalan
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 13:34:59

    I am literally amazed at your counterarguments to critics of Ramayana, esp those ‘intellectuals’ that have cropped up in the near past decades.
    Salutations to you for building this site and you have actually inspired me to start reading the adikavya from it’s original text.


  4. Prabhat Pandey
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 21:16:35

    Mr. Hariharan, you are not replying any more on the debate. You rose a new doubt that between Ravan and Indra, who was worse. I have given a fine logic over it on “why sugriva not vali”. But you are not replying why? Moreover, you have accepted the comments of Mr. Venkatakrishnan who has stated Ram as Lord Ram. Why you have not reacted him by saying that Lord Ram is an ordinary human being as you are under debate with me for this topic also. Since Mr. Venkatakrishnan has praised you a lot that is why you are not reacting. But i am here again. I am telling you that Ravan was worse than not only Indra but that any one. What evil Ravan did with Maa Sita was by applying force whereas what happened between Indra and Ahailya was a mutual understanding, there was no crime involved in this. We will continue on your Sugriv’s great deeds, but first let us kill this ahailya issue.


    • mghariharan
      Aug 15, 2011 @ 22:29:14

      No Lord Ram is correct. I am not saying Rama is an ordinary person. He is not Superman but Super(b) Man. This blog is to understand Ramayana not understanding me. I give respect to all including persons not agreeing with me. I had commented in my firstreply itself Ramayana is a book of infinite knowledge. I dont have infinite knowledge.
      Yes good point regarding Ahalya having sex with agreement. So OK I have to agree Ravan is worse than Indra. But the point is again Ravan is not very evil like dracula etc. he had power Knowledge and followed Dharma. but slipped when it came to Seetha. many good men will fall for goodlooking women. Like Vishwamitra etc. Our religion is talking about this to educate us all.


  5. Prabhat Pandey
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 23:52:37

    No, you very well told that Lord Ram is a human being. I am cutting and pasting a part of your comments posted on 01 Jul 2011 “The next set of postings is going to show how Rama cries as many as 8 times in Ramayana. He is just a human being but teaches us how to become godly by his actions.”
    As far as evil Ravan is concerned, by which angle you are saying he followed dharma? He had knowledge can be agreed but he followed dharma is totally false as similar to calling (your great) sugriv a mettlesome and truth bound personality. Yes, any man can face the natural feeling of lust by seeing a goodlooking woman including me and you. But can we go for kidnap or rape with that woman. Same slipping/timely lust submitted again. Firstly you tried to prove with the point of Indra (which you failed) and now you are proving it on Vishwamitra. What happened with Vishwamitra is known to everybody that apsaras came and provoked / excited him with the beauty and joys of youth. Is this comparable to kidnapping a woman and forcing to marry against her will? Again your hook or crook system is on which will once again fail. Vishwamitra was offered by apsaras, he neither visited swarga for searching apsaras (like evil Ravan visited hut of maa sita) nor did he use force to kidnap / enjoy any of the apsaras. How can a woman’s offer be compared to a man’s forceful kidnap? Ravan was an evil.
    As far as slipping / timely lust is concerned, it cannot continue for a period of one year. Slipping / timely lust can stay for a moment but executing the same act and holding for a long period is a criminal / evil act.


  6. kvananthanarayanan
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 13:13:36

    prima facie it is a great storehouse of knowledge..encyclopaedic for the student of Ramayanam.. I am following it…Great..congratulations.


  7. Prabhat Pandey
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 15:42:36

    Sir, you have not replied to my comments posted on 15 Aug 11 and have accepted greetings of Mr kvanathanarayanan on 02 Oct 11. This is not fair sir.


  8. partha
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 11:45:08

    Written very nicely and elaborately. Hats off to you.


  9. C.S.Ramalakshmi
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 21:59:27

    think all ills of this Nation will vanish, if Ramayana in propgated more and more.
    Today we talk of civil society and its rights.
    Was not the proverbial dhobi of Uttara ramayana, a votary of Civil Rights, or citizen’s rights?
    And what a democratic Monarch Sri Rama was!He repudiated his own Sita devi, to uphold a citizen’s rights.


    • Kaushal Karthik
      Jul 03, 2012 @ 14:17:10

      well as stated many times on this blog. that part of ramayana is considered non-geniune. and may have been added later. it ends with yuddha kanda.
      so i guess no problem with propating it.


  10. C.S.Ramalakshmi
    Sep 03, 2012 @ 18:25:51

    Ravana did not follow dharma because he was a home breaker, who ventured to break the home of the ‘triloka grha dampati’.I see several married men and women having affairs outside marriage.The home will be lost when duplicity is there.Satyam means truth in thought, word and deed.Breaking ahome is unforgiven even in this modern world.
    Some evil folks are even trying to dilute the virtues of Sita, asking how could she live without food for one year?With Sankalpa it is possible.Rshis assimilated food from air of herbs.
    Even they are asking if Rama is the ideal husband for repudiating Sita.
    Why not?He has set high standards for himself and his consort.He didnt set high standards for Tara or ahalya, he helped them in their restoration.But with sita, he had to be strict.Even now, the President of US cannot be married to a divorcee.The ordinary citizens can have their defaults, but not the leader.That is what is expected by people.And Rama, the impeccable people’s man that he was, could not but anticipate unnecessary tongue wagging about his consort having spent an unfortunate time at the enemy camp, so he put an end to all that by sending her to valmiki’s ashram.
    Folks, pls see while she was at Lanka, her whereabouts were unknown, so the agni pariksha.In valmiki’s ashram, Shatrugna visits Sita, when Lava kusa are born.
    I dont think Sita was financially deprived in her exile.
    The second test by the people of ayodhya was not needed to be proven by Sita, as she is only obligated to her Lord and master.In any matrimonial recourse, even today it is only between husband and wife, not any other.So, when she knew that Ram had not remarried, by virtue of his anointing the kanchan sita,she was fulfilled.Nothing more for her to achieve.Nothing more for her to desire.not the kingdom’s royal consort status.No lure for it all.So she sunk into the earth, as a purificatory rite, to be born as Kothai in tamil nadu, to joyously unite with Sriranganata.
    She sacrificed her personal happiness, and he also sacrificed domestic life.
    And whichever couple reads Ramayan with reverence, will never divorce.That is the testimony.Even writing Sree rama jayam 108 times a day, will prevent a marriage from breaking up, however serious the problem.Thye sacrificed their conjugal life so that we,akin to the ignoramus of ayodhya,who are prone to doubt and despair,can read the rasa that is ramayana and live happily ever after.


    • mghariharan
      Sep 04, 2012 @ 09:37:12

      I agree with most of what you had said. To enumerate. Rama sets high standards in morals and ethics for us to follow. 2 points struck me in your narration.
      1. Ravana broke another’s marriage life by interfering. Yes this is wrong. But you are assuming that monogamy is correct. Not necessarily because Dasaratha had many wives. Having many wives may not be looked down upon.
      2. Another point you have highlighted needs more elaboration. When the news comes that Rama is doing ‘ashvamedha yagna’ with golden statue of Seetha, Valmiki himself comments this he could not understand and does not approve. But Seethat corrects him with statements that you have written. But Salient point is that Valmiki reverts and says that interfering between husband and wife’s understanding or to comprehend it is wrong as it is always unique and inexplicable. This is very important because nowadays many marriages come to doldrun because of externl interference.

      I think we agree on most of the things though words may be different


  11. C.S.Ramalakshmi
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 14:52:46

    I agree,having more than one wife was not barred in Hindu civilisation until very recent times.Monogamy became a law only in 1955, in India so I agree that we cant impose it on values of Tretayuga.But what i am concerned is covetting another’s man’s wife,because husband and wife alone represent a home.It has got immense social bearing apart from personal fidelity, which is ofcourse the fulcrum.The social fabric gets disrupted if marriages are willfully broken by outsiders.
    Here, the young couple are leading a love-infused life in Dhandakaranya forest.See the young lad is already dreaming of his Ram rajya, and this darling wife says to him, bring that golden deer so that I will flaunt it as a plaything when we reach Ayodhya in just a year.And sprint he does, in search of the spoil!Thirteen long years of toil,only one more to go, of walking in sun and shade, torrents of rain, rugged terrain,having to grapple with demons and sorceresses,cutting away noses and whatnot,just look at the geographical coverage from somewhere in UP(Ayodhya), to Chitrakoot, from there to Panchavati near today’s Nasik in Maharashtra, and coming to Dhandakaranya on the banks of Godavari in AP!And all on foot, because he cant take any savari on a vehicle, by oath.Could not Ravana find any other willing slave to be his mistress?Why did he have to disturb the peace and serenity of this idyllic Kshatriya couple, who are surviving against all odds?
    And pray, who paid the price?An unassuming prince, and his damsel of baby-like innocence.This is what I call Adharma of Ravana, who has learned sama Veda!In Kishkinda Kandam, it is Rama who tells vali, a learned man cant do wrong, to vali, who wants to excuse himself saying that he just happens to be an ape and is not bound by human morals..
    Regarding that sequence about kanchana Seetha, i am right now studying it deeply, and will come back to you when i get the answer.Sir, if a doubt is raised, and we start studying it, it takes even six months to get the right answer!But we will arrive at the answer.I believe although we are emotionally bhakthas,todays’s younger generation wants to be intellectually convinced also.It is our duty to explore and provide answers.
    Thanks for this opportunity to talk of my favourite theme-Rama and His virtues.Hanuman is hearing all this and will bless us all with everything.


    • mghariharan
      Sep 06, 2012 @ 15:11:15

      Everything you have written I agree and you said it may take 6 months. Why six months some times it takes years.. I have a problem if you can interpret it I will publish in my blog as your contribution.
      When Rama is leaving to forest Dasaratha runs behind the chariot and asks the chariot to be stopped. Rama asks sumantara to continue without stopping and tells him if you are enquired later say you never heard it . This is tough because Rama is asking Sumantara to tell a lie to his boss. How can this be justified what is the Dharma?


  12. S Venkat Sridhar
    Sep 08, 2012 @ 10:08:30

    You have really worked hard on the articles sir. It is showing clearly. The USP of your website is the content. I couldn’t find more than half of the things which you have written elsewhere. Keep writing sir. Young writers like me look forward to you.


    • mghariharan
      Sep 08, 2012 @ 10:15:59

      These letters inspire me. I am involved in another project and am not able to devote time. There are many articles pending because I have not got the answers. when I dont understand I wait and let valmiki guide me. All that you have read are coming in a flash when I pose the question. The recent one is Rama asking sumantra to tell a lie to Dasarata when he is going to forest. This is astounding because Sumantra is a servant of Dasaratha not Rama How can Rama ask him to tell a lie. Let me get an answer or help me if you can. Thanks for encouraging letter


  13. C.S.Ramalakshmi
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 23:44:33

    Kindly give me time.I am reading both Valmiki and Kamban, because i am more conversant with Tamil than Sanskrit.Kamban is superb in dealing with human emotions like romantic love.His depiction of Rama meeting Sita at Mithila draws inspiration from ancient Sanga literature(3000 BC), that separated the wordly pursuits of men as ‘Puram'(money making, war, etc), that is ‘external’, and ‘agam'(conjugal life)..
    I was amused to read, the friends of Sita also saw Rama before he goes into Janaka’s assembly to try his hand at the Rudra’s bow,and are a great fan following for him, they swoon on seeing him, and vow that they will also immolate themselves along with Sita, if that handsome lad does not bend the bow!
    No wonder Rama is the eternal super star!
    The answer for ur query may lie in the Tirukkural which says,a lie said with good intent,has virtue.But I will read, give it more thought and answer u.
    But whatever work we have, it is inspiring to delve into the minds of these wonderful heroes and heroines.I have heard that Supreme Court judges read the Sundara kanda and then go and write any critical judgement like Death Sentence etc..Sundara kanda is purity in action, purity is clarity, and may be the judges sought clarity in Sundara kanada.


    • mghariharan
      Sep 17, 2012 @ 17:34:47

      Kamba Ramayana and ramacharithamanas etc are at best an adjunct to valmiki Ramayana. The reason is very difficult to explain here and is outside the scope of this Blog which deals with Valmiki Ramayana alone. You may have noticed that nowadays the upanayasams raom around Bhagavatha alone. Even in those days when people like Anantha Ramadeekshitar were doing upanyasams very few people rendered verbatim translation though Anantha Ramadeekshitar stuck to details and did not deviate from the orginal. He brought out the pathos of the scenes beautifully. So let me see another comment of kambar is that he said valmiki as “katora chitaha” Brutish in depiction. For example how Ravana put his hands between Seetha’s legs and lifted her.
      Regarding the comment that thirukural says lies told with good intent are virtue, let us see. There is Sanskrit sloka which says “say pleasant things say the truth. Don’t say un pleasant truth or pleasant lies”
      But we need more authority because in this we can accommodate all our lies and get away with it. Also in the context Rama asking Sumatra to lie to his boss is not covered.


  14. C.S.Ramalakshmi
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 17:41:43

    I have checked with some texts that i have with me.Sumantara is requested by Dasarata, to some how,dissuade Rama-Lakshman or atleast Sita, to come back.He even tells ,’let them see Ganga and the forests,and then turn away from their sojourn’..
    It says:’Sumnatara’s eyes and ears could not heed their refusal clearly, because he was in agitation’.
    I have yet to read that Rama told him to feign a heedless posture. Even if he did,it is in the fitness of things.Here, the child is the father of the man.This incident shows Dasarata as a nincompoop, poor aged king!
    That is the weakness of Dasarata.He has not understood his sons to have grown up, who can make their own decisions.
    1)Even if we take it that Rama told Sumantara,’tell my father u didnt hear’,that was the real condition of Sumanatara according to my texts.So, it is not a lie.
    2)If Rama told him, tell so, even then, what is amiss?I feel it is right since,he always opts for the higher Dharma, sacrificing something dear to him(here it is not telling a lie).Also, he says, when an earlier promise has been made, he will abide by it.When his mother kausalya says,’u listen to a mother’s words and stay back, ignoring ur father’s words’, he says,’ i have given word to my father first and that holds good’.
    And also, there is a lesson to parents here.Rama has undertaken a journey, a course of action.When grown up children embark upon a journey, it is their own journey.Have parents the right to interfere?
    If Dasarata had instructed Sumantara to bring back his son and others, he is only a meddle maker, disrupting an Atma’s journey to perfection, the concept of perfection is only in the hands of the individual Atma and the Maker.The choice is that of the individual Atma, be it Rama, Sita, Lakshmana or our very own Ramesh, Suresh, Kuppan or Suppan.
    In Chennai, i know of parents who simply interfere and intervene in their children’s married life, all in the name of advice!But unsolicited advice is no good at all.It will disrupt the atma’s journey.Elderly parents have to take a back seat when childrens’ adult lives are concerned.
    I think Rama said,’forget my over zealous father,I have better things to think of!
    Just as he was overtly concerned when Vishvamitra accosted my dear Dad, for my intervention to kill Tataka and Co. , he is unnecessarily burdening himself with worry.Nothing wrong in brow beating him, with all the sympathies due to him.So, dont look back, let us go’.


    • mghariharan
      Sep 17, 2012 @ 18:02:48

      The sloka I have quoted is
      Dasaratha exclaimed saying “Stop!” while Rama called out “Go on, proceed!” (In that way) Sumantra’s mind became confused, as in between two (opposing) whirl pools.

      na ashrauSam iti raajaanam upaalabdho api vakSyasi |
      ciram duhkhasya paapiSTham iti raamaH tam abraviit || 2-40-47
      Rama said to him: “You can say to the king that you did not hear (his call), even when scolded (later). Seeing their grief for a long time is quite unbearbale.”
      No Sumantara was confused between two instructions and he heard both. Clearly Rama says tell a lie. Sumantara is Dasarathas Charioter ( King’s) not Rama’s. It is like me telling your driver to tell you a lie. If valmik can be brutal we also should be. regarding kausalya’s instructions it is very clear Valmiki is raising moral ethical questions and which option to choose Infact Bharata milap is more complicated and it is a 3 day dialogue When I come to it I will address it. It is really cruel that when Valmiki takes so much pain to bring situations that are complicated we should brush aside complications without applying our mind to it. In various contexts we all face similar situations and I believe valmiki Ramayana is guide that will make our lives richer in content and better in all aspects if we can even partially meet Dharma.
      Thank you for your valuable suggestions and effort taken Please read in my blog
      I have explained I dont know will bring answers to you instead of partially concluding based on existing knowledge.
      Thanks all the same.


  15. Ramalakshmi Chatta Subramaniam
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 22:16:25

    I consulted several experts, and they are of belief that Rama had to have some minor flaws, that are inconsequential, to testify that he is human after all.If he did all things perfect, then people would say,OH he is God, he is doing it, we cant be like that, and wont follow him.
    Since the decision to go to forest was already taken,he didnt want to review it at all.
    In Telugu, it is said,’Rama sasananiki tirugu ledu'(there is no change in rama’s writ).
    So, the path once taken will not be retraced.
    Still, what he tells Sumantara is to tell a lie.No denying.Why he said so?Dont know.
    In Human avatar, may be he did not want to be 360 degrees perfect.Who knows?


    • mghariharan
      May 02, 2013 @ 08:48:00

      Bharath milap portion deals only about this . The person who asked the boon and the person who is supposed to benefit from it are against it. But after 3 days of arguments Rama concludes that he cannot return else his father atma will suffer. We have to go by wwhat valmiki says as the problems are complicated. Both Ramayana and Mahabharata esposes ‘Dharma sankat’ situations and guides us. Regarding Rama making minor mistakes I disagrees. He even blunders like normal humans. Read my section Rama the human. Read the comment which has come to my blog

      असंभवं हेमम्रृगस्य जन्म
      तथापि रामो लुलुभे मृगाय /
      प्राय: समापन्न विपत्तिकाले
      धियोपि पुंसां मलिनी भवन्ति //

      The birth of a golden deer is impossible.
      Even then Rama coveted the golden deer.
      Generally when misfortune comes, men’s
      intellect gets clouded.


  16. Ramalakshmi Chatta Subramaniam
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 22:19:44

    We all know rama is a pitru vakya paripalana.
    But it is kaikeyi who is peaking on behalf of her husband.
    Then, should it not be matru vakya pariplana?


  17. Ramalakshmi Chatta Subramaniam
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 22:41:48

    Another doubt.
    Deshe Deshe kalathrani, deshe deshe ca badava,tam tum desham na pashyami yatra brata danurdarah
    I can get wives in any land, I can get relatives in any land,but hwere will I get a brother like you,O wielder of the Bow?says Rama to Lakshmana, when Lakshmana is lying swooned on the battle field.
    Why does Rama say anything about wives at all, when he is the most honoured eka patni vrata?
    I felt very sad, when sita devi laments in asoka vana, why rama has not come, has he gone back to Ayodhya, and is he enjoying with other wives?It is pathetic and sad.
    But why does Rama use that word?


    • mghariharan
      May 02, 2013 @ 08:39:52

      Valmiki himself has replied to your question. Relations between wife and husband is unique and no third party can comment about it. No rules are applicable, and limit it. Our religious stories espouse this in different context both in Ramayana and Mahabharata and other side stories. That is why even today in courts wife need not give evidence against her husband and they can lie. If you get time read Agatha Christie’s witness for the prosecution. Thanks for your letter


    • mghariharan
      Jul 19, 2015 @ 22:58:07

      Sorry I dont know


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