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Indian politics is a very confusing topic which is very difficult to understand. Even the Indians are very much confused as the country is very large and consists of more than a billion people with varying ideas. Till 1948 India was ruled by British and we got freedom by waging a nonviolent Struggle. This by itself is very confusing. By modern standards where everybody wages war for their rights or for their presumed grievances India decided to go for nonviolent method. The results are there for everybody to see. Modeled after the British Westminster System, Politics of India take place in a framework of a federal parliamentary multi-party representative democratic republic. In other ways we adopted the system of our colonial masters. India is the world’s largest democracy .Though a very big country with a population of more than a billion (speaking more than 14 different languages) it has established systems with independent bodies who maintain the checks and balances. Compare this with many other smaller countries that also got independence from the colonial masters at the same time- like Ceylon, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

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