0 Corruption …… 0 Wealth!!

There has been a great hue and cry about Corruption. As written by this blogger on 30 November itself this was an exercise by Congress to come to power in Tamil Nadu. Please refer. Now the media and the opposition have become silent and there are ‘no Hue and cry’. This shows how media is stage managed by Comgress and how inefficient are our Opposition parties that they fell for this trap.
But this blog post tries to highlight another major problem in India. The congress is silent about the misdeeds of opposition parties for their own benefit. Take the case of Kerala where Communists are ruling for last 5 years and there is election. Yes congress led coalition party will come to power. But what is not being highlighted or discussed is the failure of communists. They are not corrupt and actually bring social and behavioral disasters using the poor people which cannot be corrected in many decades. Just as Cuba is destroyed and Russia is not able to recover after the failure of Communism. Kerala and West Bengal gave total destruction of their societies and both Mamta and congress even if they rule for fifty years cannot correct. Both are highly intelligent communities and do not have educational facilities. Especially Kerala though with 98% literacy rate does not have good private institutions and people have to go to Coimbatore for higher education. Tamil Nadu is getting the full benefit of this many private educational institutions are flourishing. crores of rupees are being pumped into this field. Why? because No Corruption also means No Efficiency. Capitalism is greed oriented society. Communism is envy oriented society. Now, History has proved Envy is more destructive than Greed. Here is the climax.
V S Achuthantham was not even given a ticket for election, but finally got one. His declaration to election commission says he has not gone to school, his immovable property is 0 Rs. and movable property is also 0 Rs. Good let us all fight against corruption and achieve 0 wealth very fast.

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