Nothing Succeeds Like Dharma

This is in conjunction to Dharma Damned -Character Lakshmana
Though Lakshmana rants against Dharma in the entire sarga 83 (Yudha kanda) when he fights against Indrajit the battle becomes intense and 3 sarga of fight shows relentless Indrajit cause rampage to both Lakshmana and Vibhishana. More


Indian Middle class – Troglodytes (Idiots)

A Raja was sentenced as corrupt by the Indian Media and the middle class (so called educated). It is the job of Accountant general to find fault in executive decisions which will be probed by PAC in Loksabha headed by More

Manmohan & Aesop

Manmohan Singh is under attack. One comment is that he is the weakest PM till Date. There is a tale in Aesop’s fables that fits his cap (Turban). More

Plato’s Cave Allegory

Plato’s Cave Allegory Valid to us even after 2400 Years Stunning depth of Insight into Modern day politics. More

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