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This excerpts taken from an article written by Mr. M S Sivaramakrishnan in Deccan herald ( sanskrit Slokas added by blogger). Mr SSivaramakrishnan was Member board Income tax. He was not only a voracious reader but also had flair for good writing. His full article can be downloaded by clicking here.DECCAN HERALD MSS articleSELECT PHOTO

When Bharata meets Rama in forest ( the famous ‘Bharat Milap’) Rama is in delicate situation. He has to advice his younger brother on being a good king but also cannot offer an advice to King unsolicited. Hence he converts the advice as kind enquiry.
1. Avoid terrible punishments,
2. Don’t terrorise people – don’t harass the innocent.

अपृष्टःशास्त्रकुशलैर्नलोभाद्बध्यतेशुचिः|| २-१००-५६

3. The prosperity and happiness of the countryside should not be neglected.

कच्चित् ते दयिताः सर्वे कृषि गो रक्ष जीविनः |
वार्तायाम् संश्रितः तात लोको हि सुखम् एधते || २-१००-४७

4 . The economic affairs of the people form the source of well being.

षाम् गुप्ति परीहारैः कच्चित् ते भरणम् कृतम् |
रक्ष्या हि राज्ना धर्मेण सर्वे विषय वासिनः || २-१००-४८

5. You should especially love the peasants and the shepherds who attend
to and live stock.

कच्चित् ते दयिताः सर्वे कृषि गो रक्ष जीविनः |
वार्तायाम् संश्रितः तात लोको हि सुखम् एधते || २-१००-४७

6 . Ensure that the thief who has been caught, interrogated and proved to
be is not let off by someone who is greedy for money.

गृहीतः चैव पृष्टः च काले दृष्टः सकारणः|
कच्चिन् न मुच्यते चोरो धन लोभान् नर ऋषभ || २-१००-५७

Bharat milap7. Whether it is a rich man or a poor man, that is involved in a case, let your councillors consider the case without bias.

व्यसने कच्चिद् आढ्यस्य दुगतस्य च राघव |
अर्थम् विरागाः पश्यन्ति तव अमात्या बहु श्रुताः || २-१००-५८

8. There are 14 Rajadoshas. Some of these are:-
a) Avoidance of men of knowledge – prefer one learned man to a thousand fools. ( 2-100-22)
कच्चित् सहस्रान् मूर्खाणाम् एकम् इग्च्छसि पण्डितम् |
पण्डितो ह्य् अर्थ कृग्च्छ्रेषु कुर्यान् निह्श्रेयसम् महत् || २-१००-२२

b) Choose a spokesman, who possesses knowledge, imagination, considerate outlook and above all truthfulness in word.
कच्चिज् जानपदो विद्वान् दक्षिणः प्रतिभानवान् |
यथा उक्त वादी दूतः ते कृतो भरत पण्डितः || २-१००-३५

c) Avoid false prestige – own mistakes and rectify oneself. (Kautilyasaid that Ravana and Duryodhana, got vanquished because of the above faults).
d) Avoid flatterers – know one’s flaws.
e) Have consideration for others.
f) Tell your intelligence agents to speak to you truthfully about thestate of affairs.
g) To propitiate the world, if one has to do unequalled sacrifice be prepared to do it.
In the book “Many Ramayanas” Kathleen M Endl, Prof of religious studies, Clark College USA said “Rama’s status as a moral exemplar is so central to Indian culture, that to impugn his motives is considered as an act of heresy”)

Surprisingly all these rules are still valid to Rule this country. Rama’s advice is still valid.


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