A vast subject difficult to begin and impossible to end.It is from time immemorial and will last up to eternity.
Many think it is not relevant today. This is because we are aping a very contrived and distorted form of it and trying to modernise without knowing its basic tenets. Yes all of them can be questioned; and may find lots of anomalies not suitable with time. This is because we are bombarded with other ideas through electronic media and are not offered any alternative. Some of the most simple concepts such women equality etc. touted as faults in ancient religion.
Let us see where we stand today. Politically followers of Communism and (its fellow traveler) socialistic concepts were the first to object to religion as it seemed to clash with their concepts of society. Communism was a costly experiment which is now almost buried. It’s fellow traveler, simplistic socialistic society is dying in Europe as they have reached beyond their means. Socialitic ideas did not clash with religion per se but tinkered with it to suit their ends. The sudden death of Europe that is waiting to happen.But capitalistic society’s end needs some explanation. It will die because there is not enough resource. The concept of capitalistic society was built on Colonialism. During colonialism resource was available for white man to take with no competition. Now with major high population countries such as India and china on the race for resources it is going to be impossible to sustain a capitalistic society which has only one mantra consumption. Consume even if you dont have else marginal cost theory wont work.
Now if you scan though Manumriti you will see lots of edicts which have come true in just 60 years of alternative form of society. It is easy to find fault in any system but difficult to make an alternative system fool proof. Let us not throw the baby with the bath water. Let us study and understand.
If you read you will be surprised almost 80 % of edicts are still being followed.

2.3 संकल्पमू लः कामो वै यज्ञाः संकल्पसं भवाः व्रतानि यमधर्मश् च सर्वें संकल्पजाः स्मृताः
2.3. The desire (for rewards), indeed, has its root in the conception that an act can yield them, and inconsequence of (that) conception sacrifices are performed; vows and the laws prescribing restraints are all stated to be kept through the idea that they will bear fruit.

Thus desire that caused somuch difficulty can be kept and will have to be kept under control if societies will have to survive
Hindu dharma is is not any rigid edicts but one where you can apply your mind and follow maintaing honesty to yourself
What more do you want and see what manusmriti says again
2.12 वेदः स्मृतिः सदाचारः स्वस्यचप्रियम् आत्मनः एतच् चतुर्विधं प्राहुःसक्षाद् धर्मस्य लक्षणम्||
2.12. The Veda, the sacred tradition, the customs of virtuous men, and one’s own pleasure, they declare to be visibly the fourfold means of defining the sacred law.

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