List of Topics:
God IS Null : Understanding religion originates from the aspect that our brain also acts as computer more
Meme Machine This is synopsis of Meme Machine written by Dr.Susan Blackmore. more
Simple Ecological Story : The need of pond as ecological balance which serves humanity more
Padapuja to Bridegroom : Groom is supposed to behave and incarnate as Vishnu himself more
Anglo-Sanskrit Sloka on coffee : I will speak (प्रसंघात) on the virtues of Coffee more
Carnatic… Classical or Heretical? : Music schools in India-Hindustani in North & Carnatic in Southmore
Family Structure : Please see the tree in XL format hereditymore
Logic and beyond ………. by MGH Human beings have limited tools for data input.more
Most Atheistic Religion……..Hinduism know that alone to be Brahman, not this whom people worship here more

Understanding Fear In fact communism exasperated the people by killing desire and by handling through fear. more
My Philosophy…My Quest Then Baba asked could this sloka be changed and interprested to seek Avidya instead of Vidya ( Knowledge) more

Contributions by M K Subramanian
Logic and Beyond…..By MKS Logic limits to ‘Sequential’ thinking.’Creative thinking’ and ‘Lateral thinking’ more
M K Subramanian’s postings on karma Theory now moved to Page Dharma….


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