Anna Czar should Read This

Once a humble man came to King and asked for job. King asked what job. The answer was ” Any job” The King did not understand so asked “what salary”? The man said any salary. This was confusing. “If I pay 1ps per month how will it help you”? “Your highness in all Govt. jobs we can earn bribe and that will take care of my family and me”. (This was like Anna Hazare saying sab chor hai -all are thieves). The king was stunned but he was game for it. He told him to count the horse dung from the stable and keep count of it.

The man happily departed. Next day he started harassing the people working on collecting of horsedung and started delaying them by asking to come in line and wait till records are updated. They were perplexed. Their 3 hrs job started taking 8 Hrs. So they redaily agreed to pay a bribe of 5 ps ber basket of dung. In the end it was so well organised that they themselves gave him all the data and also the bribe. He just had to relax and collect his Bribe. One day the king went there to see how the man was functioning. Our mas was corrupt but honest. When King heard what was happening he blew his head and changed the man’s job to counting the waves in the beach.

Well No problem now he started harassing the Fisher men. They were told to enter the sea only at his bequest. They found he was really a king’s man and was assigned this job. He started claiming they were disturbing the waves and he was not able to count it.
Well what else but to pay something. They decided on an amount of Re 1 per boat. This is an old story ( corruption is from time immmemorial even Manusmrit talks about it) and Re 1 was a big amount then. King enquired about this man one day. He was told he has become very rich and was even building a palatial house for himself.
Now will Anna the czar read this story and understand?

Contributed by M H Gopalakrishnan


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  1. Nayonika
    Oct 20, 2012 @ 03:45:37

    Fantastic Article


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