Indelible blot on Vishnu

This a small story based on Vishnu Sahasranamam. Its message can be different to different people.
Once There was a man who was a bhaktha he had implicit faith in Vishnu Sahasranamam. He presumed and believed that it is gods duty to feed all creatures. Hence took no effort in maintaining his family. In village people’s benevolent attitude made his family survive. But oneday that also failed. There was nothing to eat and it became impossible. His wife cajoled him to do something and get some food. This was against the poor man’s principles. But he also found the situation un tenable and agreed to do something about it and got ready to go and get some food. But he had grievance against god for forcing him as it was his duty to feed the creations of god.

Vishnu shasranamam is 1000 name of lord Vishnu and details his qualities. One sloka went as follows.
अर्को वाजसनः शृङ्गी जयन्तः सर्वविज्जयी
Here the word word वाजसनः means “The giver of food.”. So it was duty of god to give the food. The bhaktha thought the god has failed in his duty or atleast this word has failed him hence took the book and cancelled the word with a black coal. Lo and behold in vaikunta (Heaven) the lord Mahavishnu’s face itself got that mark and it became indelible.
Contributed by M H Venketeswaran


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  1. Loli Tyar
    Apr 14, 2013 @ 15:03:42

    In Hinduism, we have something called ‘Than Padhi Eshwar Padhi’ meaning you do half and then god will do half. We say that action is the way to moksha, and when you even try a tiny bit, then god pushes you up the rest of the way. That man was dwelling in inaction


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