Hanuman. He is another character in Ramayana who is revered. Hanuman is a super hero for whom Valamiki has reserved one full Sarga (Sundarakanda). It is not coincidence that this Kanda does not contain anything about Rama. And this is the Kanda (intentionally called Sundarakanda?!!-meaning beautiful kanda) which is very popular especially amongst Ladies and is widely read and there are many number of publications publishing Sundarakanda with Meaning. Mere enumerating of other kandas will reveal how un popular they are- Ayodya kanda; Aranya kanda; Kishkinda kanda; Yudhakanda. Nobody likes to read them unless they want to do the whole of Ramayana as a matter of ‘parayana’(Recital).
This super hero (Hanuman ) is said to be intelligent, Karya siddhi (Go getter) diplomat et. all. Now I am taking up some issues which are critically looking at this character and goof-ups that he does in many places. Even by ordinary persons standards they are goof ups, let alone for a hero or super hero. This of course is a difficult job as There are more Hanuman bhakatas than Rama bhakthas. Definitely there are more Hanuman temples than Rama temples in India. I hope the readers will bare with me. I highlight these aspects because this again is Valmiki’s style of presentation and is not clear why he mercilessly handles all characters and shows their shortcoming subtly (and sometimes glaringly). A good understanding of Ramayana is not possible without the clear understanding of these nuances of Ramayana.


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  1. Ramalakshmi Chatta Subramaniam
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 23:27:43

    It is not true that this chapter is more popular than others.Actually, ladies read more of Bala kanda, for its boon-giving properties of health, retrieval of lost wealth, good job, success in property disputes, and for consumnation of marriage to the right spouse.
    Sundara Kanda is for clarity of mind.Supreme Court Judges read it before pronouncing critical judgements.Purity of Sita will give clarity to a confused mind.Ofcourse, Sundar Kanda is said to be healing in worst deseases.
    Hanuman does nothing without taking Rama’s name.
    Without invoking Rama’s name,Hanuman cant achieve anything.So also, without invoking God’s name, our strength, will be minutest.If Rama’s name is invoked, Rama will send His vanara sena to help us.Rama means definite success.Remember,Krishna’s mission at Duryodhana’s court as messenger failed. Hanuman was a successful messenger.
    In Kaliyuga, Rama has left behind Hanuman to come to our help.The famous sloka:’Dasoham kosalendrasya Ramo aklishta karmanah’,when recited, will give success in exams, and will provide safety shield for women if they have to walk alone in dark streets.
    We need only to catch the feet of devotee of Rama.Adiyarukku adiyar, that is devotee of the devotee, and we will get blessings.
    That is why Sundarakanda is very special.Because it teaches us humility.


    • mghariharan
      Feb 20, 2013 @ 22:53:17

      Good presentation I appreciate all that you have said Good comment But your last line “That is why Sundarakanda is very special.Because it teaches us humility.” Hinduism strength itself is this humility. That is why Christianity with 200 years of ruling and Islam with more than 400 years of ruling could not penetrate India. Both these religions ( Inspite of Christs teaching on humility) are egoistic religion and failed in their mission.


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