Rama….. a human character!!!

The character of Rama is manifold as Valmiki conceived it, and it is very complicated. The dawn of Bhakthi cult introduced Rama as a serve all and was made famous. The most common Upanyasas (preachings) are based around Ramayana. Rama is conceived as a great kripalu (benevolent) and is expected to help one and all who approach him. But in the story of Ramayana as Valmiki conceived it he is as human as anybody and is going through the travails of life like everybody but sticking to Dharma and thereby achieving fame and success. He sets us an example of how we should live, come what may (due to fate). One character of Rama that is always glossed over or censored or kept in low profile is his sufferings. This is but natural. As many are trying to project him as god and God cannot cry. In this set of postings I shall try to cover all those portions in Ramayana where Rama cries. In fact it is so often that many of us would not have so many opportunities to cry and definitely not so many tragedies to face (how many of us have got our wife kidnapped). Have you read any novel where Hero cries? Well here it is:

Rama….. a human character!!! Rama’s Character List as described by Valmiki Ayodyakanda Sarga 1 and its referances in this Blog more..


Rama Crying (1)……सुग्रीवम् शरणम् The pathetic appeal is made by Lakshmana with tears falling from his eyes more
Rama Crying (2)…….. of Shock?? Soothing with kind words to Sita, when eyes were blemished with tears more

Rama Crying (3)……..Humane to his enemies. Rama was not only Human but a Virtuous, and humane person more
Rama Cries (4) Sensitive to others But…… He feels the Myna in Kausalya’s house is more affectionate to Kausalya. more

Rama misjudges …..(1)This shows he had no inclination of the forebodings more
Rama Misjudges (2)This action of Rama misjudging the Brahmin’s strength more
Rama misjudges (3)……. and corrected He says property obtained by killing relatives is like poisoned food more
Misjudge (4)……..Disastrous This is disastrous misjudgment by any standards. more

Belief in Omens

Faith in ……… Bad omen!!! He was worried that something untoward would happen. more

Husband’s Goals….Wife’s Roles (Panchakanya-3) Tara and Mandodari interfering in their husbands actions. more

Husband’s Goals….Wife’s Roles (Panchakanya-4) Seetha is reviewing Rama’s perception of his Dharma. more


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