Opposition in India

The lack of opposition party in India is a big wonder. In last 63 Years BJP is the only party (In its various avatars as Jansangh etc.) that came to ruling power in centre. This is mainly due to lack of activity by the educated Middle class. The fundamental reason for this is – Whenever Congress does a mistake or fails to act convincingly, It is attacked. The media always keeps the congress under stiff watch. Always Projects them disapprovingly. The media never fails to show put them on the mat and conducts discussions where the opposition derides and scoffs at them. In all these exercises, Congress maintains a dignified stature and just brushes the criticisms. Though they do not come out with arguments justifying their actions they show the opposition as very immature. The failure of Middleclass and the Media to snub opposition’s blind anti congress stance is the major cause of this situation. The recent Arundati Roy’s speech was disgusting to all Indians. But the BJPs stance of getting her arrested on sedition shows how churlish is their attitude towards nation building and it was just brushed aside by Media. Why not strongly attack the BJP and make them turn the corner?

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