Anglo-Sanskrit Sloka on coffee

My grandfather’s brother(M K Venkateswaran who was a Lawyer) had a flavor for writing poetry mixing Sanskrit and English
I was then very young and am reproducing one from my memory

प्रसंघात coffee no वक्ष्ये
Please Hear सादरं गुणां
One third Decoction इच्छति
motion इच्छति ये नरह
Two thitd Decoction इच्छति
Bodily Health अपेक्षानाः
ये both of them अपेक्षान्ते
Equal ग्रीन्हान्ति ते नरह
ये इच्छति sweetness of Coffee
सोष्णम् sipping पिबेथ पुमान

I will speak (प्रसंघात ) on the virtues of Coffee Please hear
he who wants motion he takes one third decoction (rest milk)
He who wants just bodily health he takes two third decoction
He who wants both takes equal decoction (and milk)
He who wants to enjoy coffee he drinks hot coffee hot (सोष्णम्) by sipping.

Have a nice coffee

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  1. kourtnie
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 15:18:48

    yeah nice


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