Kaikeyi A Nepali or Afghan?

Kaikeyi was from Nepal or Afghan. In those days many Hindu kings used to marry from Eastern Afghanistan which was Hindu Kingdom. The Ladies here were considered beautiful and were sought after. In Mahabharata Gandhari is from the Khandar in Afghanistan. Regarding Kaikeyi some people claim she is from Nepal this blogger believes this is incorrect. After Dasaratha’s death messengers are sent to Kaikey to bring Bharata from his maternal uncle’s residence. The path is clearly demarcated in Ramayana in Ayodya kanda Sarga 68 and again the path of return which was different is also demarcated in Sarga 71. Both are downloadable from this posting. Please refer to it.
From Hastinapur they go West not North. The river Vipasa is mentioned which is River Beas. And similarly while returning the river Shatradru is mentioned which is Sutlej. Also the flow of river Saraswati in map shows clearly in Pakistan. The kingdom Kurula is the modern Rajasthan.
So clearly they traversed very far and the map is leading to Afghanistan.

For more Details Click Here

Download detailed path of messengers Going to Kaikey rajya and Returning

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